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SJK Specialize in New and Old timber Floor Sanding Staining & Polishing, With over 15 Years Industry Experience we can bring Your Dream Floors to a Reality Today.  

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                                                        Floor finishes


Polyurethane is a solvent based finish, designed for use on most timber. 

When used on timber, polyurethane provides a very durable long lasting finish that enhances and highlights the natural beauty of the timber. Polyurethane comes in three types of finishes; Gloss, Satin & Matt

Two Pac Polyurethane

The coating gives an excellent, hardwearing surface it is more durable then normal polyurethane,This product will provide the highest level of gloss with the most durable of all the polyurethane finishes.

Modified oil A resin modified Oil, providing improved durability over alternative oil finishes, suitable for interior coating of all timber species.  Ideal for coating New Timber Floors suspected of being prone to shrinkage

Tung oil

Tungoil is traditional method of coating timber floors. They are a penetrative finish, which is generally less hard wearing than the modified oils or polyurethanes

Water based

The coating cures by evaporation and reaction with the water embodied in the sealer. It forms a clear, hardwearing surface. Drying times are relatively short and more than one coat can be applied in a day. It contains no solvents or formaldehyde and is often selected where there is some concerns regarding fumes. Gloss and satin finishes are available.

                                                            SJK provides a wide range of different staining colours to choose from.

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