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SJK Specialize in New and Old timber Floor Sanding Staining & Polishing, With over 15 Years Industry Experience we can bring Your Dream Floors to a Reality Today.  

SJK Leading Floor Sanding Experts  
Over 15 Years Experince Industry Experince 
Family Owned and Operated  Since 2007

Our Finishes

  • Polyurethane
Polyurethane is a premium, high solid (50%) oil modified floor finish formulated for commercial and residential interior timber floors.Polyurethane gives a warm classic look, amber in colour, delivering a tough, durable finish that protects against scuffing, marring and household chemicals, wear and tear and is easy to maintain. Polyurethane does have a odour                 
Water Base
  • Water Base is naturally clear finish emphasizing the natural colour of the timber. Water Base is a non-toxic, with a solvent content of less than 10%. They provide excellent wear resistance without toxic fumes. Water based finishes are also faster drying and non-yellowing
Modified Oil 
  • Modified Oil provides improved durability over alternative oil finishes, suitable for interior coating of all timber species. Ideal for coating New Timber Floors.
Tung oil 
  • Tung oil is traditional method of coating timber floors. They are a penetrative finish, which is generally less hard wearing than the modified oils or polyurethanes

                                                            SJK provides a wide range of different staining colours to choose from.

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